god-is-godGod Is God

God Is God

romans-1413-23Romans 14.13-23

Romans 14.13-23

galatians-61-18Galatians 6:1-18

Galatians 6:1-18

encounter-jesus-part-2Encounter Jesus Part 2

Encounter Jesus Part 2



08-wednesday-week-2-461-searching-for-wisdom08 Wednesday Week 2 461 Searching for Wisdom

08 Wednesday Week 2 461 Search...

3-17-2019-2nd-service3-17-2019 2nd service

3-17-2019 2nd service

storm-proof-part-3Storm Proof Part 3

Storm Proof Part 3

2-kings-5-p-bill2 Kings 5 P. Bill

2 Kings 5 P. Bill

ep77-showing-up-with-jamie-mclauglin-and-karen-ehmanEp77 Showing Up with Jamie McLauglin and Karen Ehman

Ep77 Showing Up with Jamie McL...

matt-28-p-samMatt 28 P. Sam

Matt 28 P. Sam

this-is-what-first-born-from-the-dead-in-colossians-1-8-meansThis is what first born from the dead in Colossians 1-8 means

This is what first born from t...

471-the-good-shepherd-john-107-11#471, The Good Shepherd, John 10.7-11

#471, The Good Shepherd, John...

the-abundant-life-deeper-learningThe Abundant Life Deeper Learning

The Abundant Life Deeper Learn...

dab-march-20-2019DAB March 20 - 2019

DAB March 20 - 2019

dab-march-20-2019-2DAB March 20 - 2019

DAB March 20 - 2019

escogemos-a-jesus-marzo-17-2019-renewed-glory-churchEscogemos a Jesus, Marzo 17, 2019, Renewed Glory Church

Escogemos a Jesus, Marzo 17, 2...

preparing-to-be-used-by-god-1Preparing To Be Used By God #1

Preparing To Be Used By God #1

clarity-and-consensus-in-collaborationClarity and Consensus in Collaboration

Clarity and Consensus in Colla...

the-mountain-the-view-from-the-top-3-17-19The Mountain- The View From The Top (3-17-19)

The Mountain- The View From Th...

missions-sunday-2Missions Sunday

Missions Sunday

missions-sundayMissions Sunday

Missions Sunday

march-17-2019-worship-jesus-and-the-no-good-very-bad-terrible-dayMarch 17 2019 Worship: Jesus and The No Good Very Bad Terrible Day

March 17 2019 Worship: Jesus a...

pastor-mcclain-the-rapturePastor McClain- The Rapture

Pastor McClain- The Rapture

the-dangers-of-discouragementThe Dangers of Discouragement

The Dangers of Discouragement

07-tuesday-week-2-461-searching-for-wisdom07 Tuesday Week 2 461 Searching for Wisdom

07 Tuesday Week 2 461 Searchin...

principles-of-proper-placementPrinciples of Proper Placement

Principles of Proper Placement

crossroads-of-decision-dont-settle-for-lessCrossroads of Decision-Don't Settle for Less!

Crossroads of Decision-Don't S...

on-the-spot-with-steve-harney-ots-36On The Spot with Steve Harney OTS 36

On The Spot with Steve Harney...

la-arrogancia-de-la-vidaLa arrogancia de la vida

La arrogancia de la vida

but-afterBut After

But After

20190316-ask-seek-knock20190316 Ask Seek Knock

20190316 Ask Seek Knock

reaping-the-harvestReaping the harvest

Reaping the harvest

lets-go-deeperLet's go deeper

Let's go deeper

christ-all-in-allCHRIST ALL IN ALL


i-am-more-than-what-you-seeI AM MORE THAN WHAT YOU SEE


beyond-limitsBEYOND LIMITS


what-are-we-aiming-atWhat are we aiming at?

What are we aiming at?



mode-of-responseMode of response

Mode of response

a-brief-moment-of-grace-ezra-98-9A Brief Moment of Grace (Ezra 9:8-9)

A Brief Moment of Grace (Ezra...

worship-service-3172019Worship Service 3.17.2019

Worship Service 3.17.2019

this-is-one-of-the-ways-to-have-a-personal-reationship-with-christ-jesusThis is one of the ways to have a personal reationship with Christ Jesus

This is one of the ways to hav...

470-he-opens-the-eyes-of-the-blind-john-932-33#470, He opens the eyes of the blind, John 9.32-33

#470, He opens the eyes of the...

advertencias-para-evitar-la-caidaADVERTENCIAS PARA EVITAR LA CAIDA


keep-your-eye-on-the-goalKeep Your Eye on The Goal

Keep Your Eye on The Goal

his-precious-blood-and-the-atonementHis Precious Blood and the Atonement

His Precious Blood and the Ato...



march-17-2019-anthem-of-hope-part-2March 17,  2019 ~ Anthem of Hope, Part 2

March 17, 2019 ~ Anthem of Ho...

dab-march-19-2019DAB March 19 - 2019

DAB March 19 - 2019

dab-march-19-2019-2DAB March 19 - 2019

DAB March 19 - 2019

gods-masterpieceGod's Masterpiece

God's Masterpiece

beyond-our-limitsBeyond Our Limits

Beyond Our Limits

prophetic-move-3172019Prophetic Move 3/17/2019

Prophetic Move 3/17/2019

taken-april-25-2018-wed-night-revivalTaken, April 25, 2018 Wed Night Revival

Taken, April 25, 2018 Wed Nigh...

when-life-hurts-may-6-2018-11-am-serviceWhen Life Hurts, May 6, 2018 11 AM Service

When Life Hurts, May 6, 2018 1...

when-trouble-knocks-at-your-door-april-23-2018-mon-night-revivalWhen Trouble Knocks at your door, April 23, 2018 Mon Night Revival

When Trouble Knocks at your do...

who-is-in-the-house-april-24-2018-tues-night-revivalWho is in the House?, April 24, 2018 Tues Night Revival

Who is in the House?, April 24...

repairing-broken-alters-april-22-2018-am-spring-revivalRepairing Broken Alters, April 22, 2018 AM Spring Revival

Repairing Broken Alters, April...

barriers-and-benefits-to-change-aug-12-2018-am-serviceBarriers and Benefits to Change, Aug 12, 2018 AM Service

Barriers and Benefits to Chang...

dont-wait-too-late-april-22-2018-pm-revivalDon't Wait, Too Late, April 22, 2018 PM Revival

Don't Wait, Too Late, April 22...

the-power-of-the-cross-april-29-2018-am-serviceThe Power of the Cross, April 29, 2018 AM Service

The Power of the Cross, April...

what-ever-is-not-from-faith-is-sin-according-to-romans-14-23-and-heres-what-that-meanWhat ever is not from faith is sin according to Romans 14-23 and here's what that mean .

What ever is not from faith is...

to-hear-his-voiceTo Hear His Voice

To Hear His Voice

trust-issuesTrust Issues

Trust Issues

03-17-19-god-is-good03-17-19 God is Good

03-17-19 God is Good

luke-1331-35-lent-2Luke 13:31-35 (Lent 2)

Luke 13:31-35 (Lent 2)

rereform-pt3ReReform Pt.3

ReReform Pt.3

06-monday-week-2-461-searching-for-wisdom06 Monday Week 2 461 Searching for Wisdom

06 Monday Week 2 461 Searching...

god-of-second-chanceGod Of Second Chance

God Of Second Chance

johns-spearituality-part-3John's Spearituality Part 3

John's Spearituality Part 3

when-desire-is-dangerousWhen Desire Is Dangerous

When Desire Is Dangerous

we-get-what-we-pray-for-march-17th-2019We get what we pray for- March 17th, 2019

We get what we pray for- March...

episode-21-no-days-offEpisode 21

Episode 21 "No Days Off"



march-17-2019March 17, 2019

March 17, 2019

grace-enjoyed-the-prospering-of-redemptionGrace Enjoyed - The Prospering of Redemption

Grace Enjoyed - The Prospering...

the-power-of-the-tongueThe Power of the Tongue

The Power of the Tongue


"Jesus In The Public Square"


"Sanctity Of Human Life"

this-is-what-it-means-to-be-born-of-water-and-the-spirit-in-john-3This is what it means to be born of water and the spirit in John 3

This is what it means to be bo...

desperate-to-seeDesperate to See

Desperate to See

judges-13-his-name-is-wonderfulJudges 13    His Name is Wonderful

Judges 13 His Name is Wonde...

469-whos-your-daddy-john-844-45#469 Who’s your Daddy?, John 8.44-45

#469 Who’s your Daddy?, John 8...

reach-outReach Out

Reach Out

overcome-through-prayerOvercome Through Prayer

Overcome Through Prayer

a-holy-heartA Holy Heart

A Holy Heart

compassion-axton-031719Compassion Axton 03:17:19

Compassion Axton 03:17:19

is-there-not-a-causeIs There Not A Cause?

Is There Not A Cause?

marriage-is-supposed-to-be-hardMarriage is Supposed to be Hard

Marriage is Supposed to be Har...

whats-loving-god-got-to-do-with-itWhat's Loving God Got To Do With It

What's Loving God Got To Do Wi...



knowledge-key-to-open-heavensKnowledge: Key To Open Heavens.

Knowledge: Key To Open Heavens...

god-gathers-us-togetherGod Gathers Us Together

God Gathers Us Together

surviving-the-stormSurviving the Storm

Surviving the Storm

the-lap-of-jesusThe Lap of Jesus

The Lap of Jesus

17-03-2019-culto-dominical-pr-joao-de-deus-3-joao-vs-13-a-1517-03-2019 - Culto Dominical - Pr. João de Deus - 3 João, vs 13 a 15

17-03-2019 - Culto Dominical -...

dab-march-18-2019DAB March 18 - 2019

DAB March 18 - 2019

dab-march-18-2019-2DAB March 18 - 2019

DAB March 18 - 2019

sexting-porn-the-next-gen-with-guest-jonathan-van-marenSexting, Porn & The Next Gen with Guest Jonathan Van Maren

Sexting, Porn & The Next Gen w...

the-shield-of-faithThe Shield Of Faith

The Shield Of Faith

the-stain-of-sinThe Stain of Sin

The Stain of Sin