genesis-31-24-and-then-we-fellGenesis 3.1-24 . . . and then we fell

Genesis 3.1-24 . . . and then...

zechariah-137-9-the-shepherd-struck-the-savior-revealedZechariah 13.7-9 | The Shepherd Struck. The Savior Revealed.

Zechariah 13.7-9 | The Shepher...

our-shelter-march-17-2019-renewed-glory-churchOur Shelter, March 17, 2019, Renewed Glory Church

Our Shelter, March 17, 2019, R...

hiding-our-hurtsHiding Our Hurts

Hiding Our Hurts



james-renwick-beach-am-gods-promisesJames Renwick // Beach AM // God's Promises

James Renwick // Beach AM // G...

son-of-abrahamSon of Abraham

Son of Abraham

keeping-the-lords-dayKeeping the Lord's Day

Keeping the Lord's Day

god-work-in-you-2God @ Work in You - 2

God @ Work in You - 2

ephesians-51-21-sermon-podcast-the-darkness-the-wrath-the-light-and-the-joyEphesians 5:1-21 Sermon Podcast - The Darkness, the Wrath, the Light, and the Joy

Ephesians 5:1-21 Sermon Podcas...

its-time-to-engageIt's Time - to engage

It's Time - to engage

persecuted-for-righteousness-sakePersecuted For Righteousness Sake

Persecuted For Righteousness S...

behold-your-king-part-3-the-king-crucified-and-coronatedBehold Your King Part 3: The King Crucified and Coronated

Behold Your King Part 3: The K...

stay-sharp-or-grow-dullStay Sharp or Grow Dull

Stay Sharp or Grow Dull

when-god-says-noWhen God Says No

When God Says No

2019-03-17-jesus-laments2019 03 17 Jesus Laments

2019 03 17 Jesus Laments

when-gods-people-pray-power-is-in-reachWhen God's People Pray - Power is in reach

When God's People Pray - Power...


"Morning By Morning..."

your-optionYour Option

Your Option

shouldnt-you-walk-in-fearShouldn't You Walk in Fear?

Shouldn't You Walk in Fear?

watch-your-mouth-your-lips-can-be-trickyWatch Your Mouth: Your Lips Can Be Tricky

Watch Your Mouth: Your Lips Ca...

back-to-the-basics-continuationpt-2Back to the Basics Continuation...Pt. 2

Back to the Basics Continuatio...

universal-social-justiceUniversal Social Justice

Universal Social Justice

the-bridegroom-and-his-friendsThe Bridegroom and His Friends

The Bridegroom and His Friends

gods-end-game-part-18God's End Game - Part 18

God's End Game - Part 18

the-robbery-of-godThe Robbery of God

The Robbery of God

heavens-foundation-the-resurrectionHeaven's Foundation - The Resurrection

Heaven's Foundation - The Resu...

genesis-504-26-the-end-of-the-beginningGenesis 50:4-26 (The End of the Beginning)

Genesis 50:4-26 (The End of th...

unfollow-power#UNFOLLOW - Power


the-lukewarm-churchThe Lukewarm Church

The Lukewarm Church


"The Last Prayer" - Luke 22:40...

march-17-2019-first-baptist-church-smiths-fallsMarch 17 2019 First Baptist Church Smiths Falls

March 17 2019 First Baptist Ch...

declare-the-wordDeclare The Word

Declare The Word

god-is-love-3-17-19God is Love 3-17-19

God is Love 3-17-19

do-you-trust-meDo You Trust Me?

Do You Trust Me?


"Fanning the Flames of Faith"...

why-i-am-a-christian-the-cross-of-christWhy I Am A Christian : The Cross Of Christ

Why I Am A Christian : The Cro...

whats-changedWhat'€™s Changed?

What'€™s Changed?

forgiveness-31719Forgiveness 3.17.19

Forgiveness 3.17.19

compassion-and-authorityCompassion and Authority

Compassion and Authority

hard-religious-peopleHard Religious People

Hard Religious People

grace-part-5Grace Part 5

Grace Part 5

the-night-shiftThe Night Shift

The Night Shift

refusing-to-be-shepherded-message-1Refusing To Be Shepherded - Message 1

Refusing To Be Shepherded - Me...

we-believe-part-8WE BELIEVE - Part 8


paid-in-full-part-2bPaid in Full Part 2b

Paid in Full Part 2b

encounters-with-jesus-healingEncounters with Jesus - Healing

Encounters with Jesus - Healin...

the-root-of-all-sin-esther-31-6-8-11-61-10The Root Of All Sin (Esther 3:1-6, 8-11; 6:1-10)

The Root Of All Sin (Esther 3:...

who-is-on-the-wallWho is on the Wall?

Who is on the Wall?

the-unique-meThe Unique Me

The Unique Me

the-abundant-life-a-blank-checkThe Abundant Life A Blank Check

The Abundant Life A Blank Chec...

to-marry-or-not-to-marry-part-2To Marry or Not to Marry (Part 2)

To Marry or Not to Marry (Part...

making-an-impactMaking an Impact

Making an Impact

lent-2-year-c-marble-jarsLent 2, Year C -

Lent 2, Year C - "Marble Jars"

the-rejected-stoneThe Rejected Stone

The Rejected Stone

the-stubborn-gathererThe Stubborn Gatherer

The Stubborn Gatherer

living-a-life-of-blessingLiving a Life of Blessing

Living a Life of Blessing

stopping-to-refuelStopping to Refuel

Stopping to Refuel

finishing-my-great-workFinishing My Great Work

Finishing My Great Work

john-1916b-27-woman-here-is-your-sonJohn 19:16b-27 - Woman, Here is Your Son

John 19:16b-27 - Woman, Here i...

467-a-call-for-endurance-and-faith#467 A Call for Endurance and Faith

#467 A Call for Endurance and...

the-presence-of-ultimate-authorityThe Presence of Ultimate Authority

The Presence of Ultimate Autho...

7-ways-to-have-overcoming-faith-part-27 Ways to Have Overcoming Faith Part 2

7 Ways to Have Overcoming Fait...

john-530-47-the-invincible-witnessJohn 5:30-47 - The Invincible Witness

John 5:30-47 - The Invincible...

its-whats-inside-that-countsIt's What's Inside That Counts

It's What's Inside That Counts

any-kind-of-personAny Kind Of Person

Any Kind Of Person

84-matthew-2337-39-epilogue-woes-assured-yet-hope-endures84 Matthew 23:37-39 - Epilogue: Woes Assured, Yet Hope Endures

84 Matthew 23:37-39 - Epilogue...

heart-of-revivalHeart of Revival

Heart of Revival

steady-as-a-rockSteady As A Rock

Steady As A Rock

sharing-my-faithSharing My Faith

Sharing My Faith

jim-johnston-give-me-your-eyesJim Johnston: Give Me Your Eyes

Jim Johnston: Give Me Your Eye...

its-okay-to-be-happyIt's Okay to be Happy

It's Okay to be Happy

the-faithfulness-of-godThe Faithfulness of God

The Faithfulness of God

faith-on-the-inside-mark-series-mk-724-30Faith On The Inside - Mark Series - Mk 7:24-30

Faith On The Inside - Mark Ser...

the-sound-of-silence-a-divine-dialogueThe Sound of Silence: A Divine Dialogue

The Sound of Silence: A Divine...

his-greater-purpose-031719His Greater Purpose 03.17.19

His Greater Purpose 03.17.19

theres-always-room-for-youThere's Always Room For You

There's Always Room For You

god-is-lightGod Is Light

God Is Light

are-you-really-a-christian-tests-of-true-faithAre You Really a Christian? Tests of True Faith

Are You Really a Christian? Te...

isaiah-saldivar-march-17-2019Isaiah Saldivar, March 17, 2019

Isaiah Saldivar, March 17, 201...

isaiah-saldivar-march-17-2019Isaiah Saldivar, March 17, 2019

Isaiah Saldivar, March 17, 201...

catholic-charities-appealCatholic Charities Appeal

Catholic Charities Appeal

the-kingdom-week-6The Kingdom: Week #6

The Kingdom: Week #6

becoming-a-prophetic-people-saying-what-god-is-doing-sayingBecoming A Prophetic People - Saying What God Is Doing & Saying

Becoming A Prophetic People -...

the-good-life-week-1The Good Life | Week 1

The Good Life | Week 1

close-to-him-march-10-2019-renewed-gloryClose to Him, March 10, 2019, Renewed Glory

Close to Him, March 10, 2019,...

en-todo-tiempo-marzo-10-2019-renewed-gloryEn Todo Tiempo, Marzo 10, 2019, Renewed Glory

En Todo Tiempo, Marzo 10, 2019...

the-spirit-of-fearThe Spirit of Fear

The Spirit of Fear

march-17-2019-armour-of-godMarch 17 2019 - Armour of God

March 17 2019 - Armour of God

penyangkalan-petrus-pdt-effendi-susantoPenyangkalan Petrus Pdt Effendi Susanto

Penyangkalan Petrus Pdt Effend...

mirrors-or-signpostMirrors or Signpost

Mirrors or Signpost

dont-worrybe-happyDon't Worry...Be Happy

Don't Worry...Be Happy

the-battle-withinThe Battle Within

The Battle Within



1-corinthians-21-5-preaching-that-unifies-john-tracy1 Corinthians 2:1-5 - Preaching That Unifies - John Tracy

1 Corinthians 2:1-5 - Preachin...

joshua-week-9Joshua week 9

Joshua week 9

are-we-there-yetAre We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

songs-of-sorrow-2-chronicles-3525Songs of Sorrow (2 Chronicles 35:25)

Songs of Sorrow (2 Chronicles...

sermon-17th-march-2019Sermon 17th March 2019

Sermon 17th March 2019

learning-to-walk-stephen-batesLearning to Walk | Stephen Bates

Learning to Walk | Stephen Bat...

living-above-the-snake-lineLiving Above The Snake Line

Living Above The Snake Line

mind-games-week-2Mind Games - Week 2

Mind Games - Week 2