pastor-talk-episode-2Pastor Talk Episode 2

Pastor Talk Episode 2

our-sympathizing-savior-hebrews-414-16Our Sympathizing Savior! (Hebrews 4:14-16)

Our Sympathizing Savior! (Hebr...

election-and-church-safetyElection and Church Safety

Election and Church Safety

fr-john-1st-sat-31st-otFr. John - 1st Sat - 31st OT

Fr. John - 1st Sat - 31st OT

hebrews-vlll-ch-11-faithHebrews Vlll.   Ch 11. Faith

Hebrews Vlll. Ch 11. Faith

309-evidence-of-salvation-1-john-39-10#309 Evidence of Salvation, 1 John 3.9-10

#309 Evidence of Salvation, 1...

dab-november-3-2018-1DAB November 3- 2018

DAB November 3- 2018

bible-study-conversations-part-4-a-woman-at-a-wellBIBLE STUDY: Conversations, Part 4: A Woman at a Well

BIBLE STUDY: Conversations, Pa...

05-friday-451-heart-full-of-treasure05 Friday 451 Heart full of Treasure

05 Friday 451 Heart full of Tr...

no-condemnation-in-the-spirit-ep-26No Condemnation in the Spirit (Ep 26)

No Condemnation in the Spirit...

razing-hell-hebrews-214-18Razing Hell! (Hebrews 2:14-18)

Razing Hell! (Hebrews 2:14-18)

fr-john-all-souls-dayFr. John - All Souls Day

Fr. John - All Souls Day

para-los-jovenesPara los jóvenes

Para los jóvenes

308-our-advocate-and-propitiation-1-john-21-2#308 Our advocate and propitiation, 1 John 2.1-2

#308 Our advocate and propitia...

dab-november-2-2018-1DAB November 2- 2018

DAB November 2- 2018

believing-for-the-miraculous-pt-13Believing For the Miraculous Pt 13

Believing For the Miraculous P...

fr-john-630pm-all-saintsFr. John - 630pm - All Saints

Fr. John - 630pm - All Saints

on-the-spot-with-steve-harney-ots-28On the Spot with Steve Harney  OTS 28

On the Spot with Steve Harney...

god-is-the-rock-of-agesGod Is The Rock of Ages

God Is The Rock of Ages

when-the-wicked-bear-ruleWhen the Wicked Bear Rule

When the Wicked Bear Rule

whats-newWhat's New

What's New

04-thursday-451-heart-full-of-treasure04 Thursday 451 Heart full of Treasure

04 Thursday 451 Heart full of...

halloween-pipes-spooktacularHalloween Pipes

Halloween Pipes "Spooktacular"

sunday-morning-08-21-18Sunday Morning 08-21-18

Sunday Morning 08-21-18

10282018-by-faith10.28.2018 By Faith

10.28.2018 By Faith

10252018-getting-rid-of-negative-thinking10.25.2018 Getting Rid of Negative Thinking

10.25.2018 Getting Rid of Nega...

worship-service-10282018Worship Service 10.28.2018

Worship Service 10.28.2018

positive-id-part-4Positive I.D. | Part 4

Positive I.D. | Part 4

heart-of-the-city-radio-nov-1-2018-episode-195-63-min-newHeart of the City Radio – Nov 1, 2018 Episode 195 (63 min NEW)

Heart of the City Radio – Nov...

a-picture-of-us-titus-31-2A Picture of Us (Titus 3:1-2)

A Picture of Us (Titus 3:1-2)

fr-john-8am-all-saintsFr. John - 8am - All Saints

Fr. John - 8am - All Saints

a-people-after-gods-heartA People After God's Heart

A People After God's Heart

follow-meFollow Me

Follow Me

dealing-with-disappointmentDealing With Disappointment

Dealing With Disappointment

307-patient-with-the-scoffers-2-peter-39#307 Patient with the scoffers…, 2 Peter 3.9

#307 Patient with the scoffers...

the-record-of-holy-menThe Record of Holy Men

The Record of Holy Men

how-to-get-through-what-youre-going-through-part-1-struggle-when-life-makes-no-senseHow to Get Through What You're Going Through (Part 1) - Struggle: When Life Makes No Sense

How to Get Through What You're...

how-long-wilt-thou-mourn-for-saulHow Long Wilt Thou Mourn for Saul?

How Long Wilt Thou Mourn for S...

dab-november-1-2018-1DAB November 1- 2018

DAB November 1- 2018

guarding-against-a-critical-spirit-part-2-pastor-kenny-smithGuarding Against A Critical Spirit Part 2 (Pastor Kenny Smith)

Guarding Against A Critical Sp...

joy-before-you-cross-overJoy Before You Cross Over

Joy Before You Cross Over

a-devotional-life-bro-will-duttryA Devotional Life - Bro Will Duttry

A Devotional Life - Bro Will D...

learning-to-walkLearning to Walk

Learning to Walk

in-the-pursuit-of-himIn the Pursuit of Him

In the Pursuit of Him

family-fights-bestfamily fights best

family fights best

break-through-powerbreak through power

break through power

stewarding-encounters-with-godstewarding encounters with God

stewarding encounters with God

ministering-to-the-broken-a-prophetic-dream-for-the-churchMinistering to the broken, a prophetic dream for the church

Ministering to the broken, a p...

design-for-growth-presonal-growthdesign for growth presonal growth

design for growth presonal gro...

pardon-power-purity-titus-211-14Pardon, Power, Purity! (Titus 2:11-14)

Pardon, Power, Purity! (Titus...

prophetic-ministry-3Prophetic Ministry

Prophetic Ministry

hope-by-murray-kilgourHope by Murray Kilgour

Hope by Murray Kilgour

a-leader-a-serventA Leader, A Servent

A Leader, A Servent



stay-in-your-lane-102418-833-pmStay In Your Lane - 10:24:18, 8.33 PM

Stay In Your Lane - 10:24:18,...

i-am-my-fathersI AM MY FATHERS


squad-smash-squad-remixSquad Smash (Squad Remix)

Squad Smash (Squad Remix)

you-can-live-againYou Can Live Again

You Can Live Again

step-to-heaven-18Step to Heaven 18. (그날이 오면)

Step to Heaven 18. (그날이 오면)

step-to-heaven-17Step to Heaven 17. (죄악이 넘치면 예수님이 오신다)

Step to Heaven 17. (죄악이 넘치면 예수...

03-wednesday-451-heart-full-of-treasure03 Wednesday 451 Heart full of Treasure

03 Wednesday 451 Heart full of...

step-to-heaven-16Step to Heaven 16. (순교자의 수가 차게 되면)

Step to Heaven 16. (순교자의 수가 차게...

madurez-y-perfeccionMadurez y perfección

Madurez y perfección

10-28-2018-2nd-service10-28-2018 2nd service

10-28-2018 2nd service

giving-our-children-back-to-godGiving Our Children Back To God

Giving Our Children Back To Go...

what-matters-most-3What Matters Most

What Matters Most

fr-john-wed-30th-otFr. John - Wed - 30th OT

Fr. John - Wed - 30th OT

why-kingdom-ministries-luke-2WHY Kingdom Ministries Luke 2

WHY Kingdom Ministries Luke 2

ep68-there-is-hope-with-tina-leveneEp68. There Is Hope with Tina Levene

Ep68. There Is Hope with Tina...

306-humble-yourselves-1-peter-56-7#306 Humble Yourselves, 1 Peter 5.6-7

#306 Humble Yourselves, 1 Pete...


"His mercy endureth forever"

principles-for-harvestersPrinciples For Harvesters

Principles For Harvesters

dab-october-31-2018-1DAB October 31- 2018

DAB October 31- 2018

how-do-you-handle-the-fireHow Do YOU handle the Fire

How Do YOU handle the Fire

fr-john-tue-30th-otFr. John - Tue - 30th OT

Fr. John - Tue - 30th OT

flour-power-pt3Flour Power Pt.3

Flour Power Pt.3

whatever-is-pure-and-lovely-philippians-48-9Whatever is Pure and Lovely- Philippians 4:8-9

Whatever is Pure and Lovely- P...

true-forgivenessTrue Forgiveness

True Forgiveness

discovering-real-contentmentDiscovering Real Contentment

Discovering Real Contentment

1thess-5181Thess 5.18

1Thess 5.18

181028-who-is-the-real-giant181028 Who Is the Real Giant?

181028 Who Is the Real Giant?

prejudices-and-perilous-timesPrejudices And Perilous Times

Prejudices And Perilous Times

episode-9-joel-jimmy-a-cup-full-of-javaEpisode 9: Joel, Jimmy, & a Cup Full of Java

Episode 9: Joel, Jimmy, & a Cu...

02-tuesday-451-heart-full-of-treasure02 Tuesday 451 Heart full of Treasure

02 Tuesday 451 Heart full of T...

october-28-2018-worship-behold-what-love-can-doOctober 28 2018 Worship: Behold What Love Can Do

October 28 2018 Worship: Behol...

personal-priestPersonal Priest

Personal Priest

habitation-part-3Habitation Part 3

Habitation Part 3

kingdom-workKingdom Work

Kingdom Work

do-you-trust-god-with-whats-nextDo You Trust God With What’s Next?

Do You Trust God With What’s N...

how-to-catch-your-breathHow To Catch Your Breath

How To Catch Your Breath

debunking-retirement-mythsDebunking Retirement Myths

Debunking Retirement Myths

many-voicesMany Voices

Many Voices

october-30-2018-transformedOctober 30, 2018 Transformed

October 30, 2018 Transformed

305-the-end-of-all-things-is-at-hand-1-peter-47-11#305 The end of all things is at hand, 1 Peter 4.7-11

#305 The end of all things is...

28-oct28 Oct

28 Oct

dab-october-30-2018-1DAB October 30- 2018

DAB October 30- 2018

called-as-servants-not-tyrantsCalled as Servants not Tyrants

Called as Servants not Tyrants

kinetic-energy-effect-10-28-18Kinetic Energy- Effect (10-28-18)

Kinetic Energy- Effect (10-28-...

dont-be-weary-be-happyDont be weary Be Happy

Dont be weary Be Happy

luke-1222-34Luke 12:22-34

Luke 12:22-34

the-holy-spirit-speaking-in-tonguesThe Holy Spirit - Speaking in Tongues

The Holy Spirit - Speaking in...

matthew-187-20-pentecost-23Matthew 18:7-20 | Pentecost 23

Matthew 18:7-20 | Pentecost 23