The Sovereign God of Job

God's Faithfulness Endures

Job is an ancient book with a timeless message: When our lives are broken, God remains faithful to His children. This teaching series is a survey of the grace and peace afforded Job even when nothing in Job's life made sense. It is s a study of the utter sovereignty of God over each and every circumstance of life, from the most significant cosmic events down to the mundane "everyday" lives lived by all of us. Join Pastor Jason Boothe on this journey through the pages of the Book of Job. For more information concerning the church, visit

"How Can A Man Be Made Right With God?" - Job 9 - Jason Boothe

November 20, 2018 at 12:18 PM

Job knew that his best efforts, when compared to the majesty and holiness of God, would be nothing better than filthy rags. So, if a man is hopelessly guilty before such a holy God, how shall any stand before him righteous? The answer is found in the Gospel of Christ Jesus, the Gospel of Job's Redeemer.

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