July 11, 2021 Prerecorded Church Service FBC SF

Series: FBC 2021

July 11, 2021
Rev. David Stead

There is a man. There. On the road. Just around the bend. Beaten. Bruised. Half dead. "I am too busy to help!" "Get someone else to help, i am not your man!" "Medic! Someone call 911! Oh well! No professionals here." "I am just going to pass by on the other side. Besides, I might become the robber's next victim too. And what good what that do either of us?!?!" And long came a hated member of THAT community. And he had compassion. Are you on the side of your road in life? Do you know that you are supposed to be involved to help others? Do you wish to pretend not to see the needs around you? This is our challenge today. Church Sunday Morning 10:30 am.

Episode Notes

Compassion Reaction is the Christian Position

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