June 20, 2021 Father's Day FBC SF 2021

Series: FBC 2021

June 20, 2021
Rev. David Stead

He was huge. Arrogant. Obnoxious. Powerful. A warrior. In front of him was a wee boy. A child. A shepherd. One came armed with human weapons. the other came armed with faith and the power of God. No one would have thought the boy had a chance. Except God. God gave the power to David to overcome fear by faith. Many decades later 12 disciples were in a boat with a sleeping Jesus when a huge storm arose. The wind and waves scared even the most experienced sailor. And Jesus hushed the tempest with a word. and the fear of the disciples was replaced by faith as they stood in the power of God. That power is available for you today too. Are you living in fear? Paralyzed? Overwhelmed? Fear never stands up to the power of God. Your faith will grow today in the power of Jesus - even against fear. Our prayer is that you will be blessed as you listen to this service of worship to our Lord Jesus Christ from First Baptist Church in Smiths Falls, Ontario.

Episode Notes

Enormous is not our problem size, it's the minimum description of God

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