March 28, 2021 Palm Sunday FBC SF

Series: FBC 2021

March 28, 2021
Rev. David W. Stead

There was a colt tied there. In the village of Bethphage. Waiting. And then along came two men who untied it. Strangers. And took it. Their only response as to why: "The Lord Needs it." And the owners let them take away their animal. Would you? Why would you? Why was the colt there in the first place? For what did "The Lord" "need it"? It is Palm Sunday and we look at the colt, it's owner and the reason that colt was so important. Our prayer is that you will be blessed as you listen to this service of worship to our Lord Jesus Christ from First Baptist Church in Smiths Falls, Ontario.

Episode Notes

Hosanna! Glory to God on High!

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