Relationships With Non-Christians. A Christian discussion @T.K.F.

May 28, 2022
UnknownRandy &Mike

Welcome to The King's Forge. This podcast is the concept of David Martin, Randy Frame, and Mike Martin, led by the guidance of GOD 's Word and HIS Holy Spirit. The KING's forge is a Christian Youtube Channel wherein GOD, the master craftsman, refines, purifies, reinforces , molds, shapes, and strengthens us to be HIS ultimate masterpiece. HIS goal is to see us more like HIS son Jesus, our example of perfection. We strive to reveal God's plan for us thru Bible study, reading of the Holy Scripture and Christian Conversation that enlightens God's truth and purpose for everyone. We now invite you into fellowship with us. The furnace of the forge is were the fire resides. Where we learn from HIS word the plans HE has made for each of us. The crucible is were the melted material being worked on is contained in a forge. It is in a state of transformation. It is where true change takes place as we apply what we learn to our lives and it melts away our old selves and we become more and more akin to our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. We invite you to share your testimony of how God has changed your life by email and soon on our live stream. Sharpening Iron is a time for real discussion. Where we can hammer out how to be a light to a broken world. If you know someone who could benefit from viewing our videos please tell them about us. Contact us with comments, question, and prayer requests at: We would love to hear from you. May the peace of the LORD be with you, and may HIS face shine upon you. GOD bless you always. Please join us again in the Forge to see were GOD leads.

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