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Finding Hope at Christmas- Luke 2:22-35

Jeff Brower

Christmas is a time when we are supposed to be filled with hope. But we live in a world that is getting darker by the day- so how do we maintain our hope? In the story of Simeon, we learn a lot about the importance of hope. Have you lost hope? Has your hope began to flicker out? Reignite it this Christmas

Repentance is our only hope!

Dr. Ronald K. Powell

1. IF MY PEOPLE HUMBLE THEMSELVES: The process of restoration must begin with humility. "Pride must die in you, or nothing of heaven can live in you" (Andrew Murray). The amount of pride in the church is mind blowing. A super star mentality exists within the walls of the American church as millions crave center stage attention. The church often reflects the character of Hollywood rather than the character of Christ. Where is that I must decrease, that He might Increase mentality. (John 3:30) If we are to see a genuine move of God (which is our only hope) then...

Filtered Faith

Dr. Ronald K. Powell

Today's Message Filtered Faith: Do you filter the messages of God through your particular moods? Listen and see what you may be doing to your faith with your emotional filters. It's Free!

Hope in Christ

Justin Carter

This sermon is the start of our new study going through the book of 1 Peter. In this sermon we learn about the living hope of Christ and how that hope propels is through our lives as Christians.

Revised - Relentless Hope

Pastor Steve Middleton

Revised - Relentless Hope

Isaiah 8-9 Enduring Hope

Dr. Matthew Harding

In this Christmas Advent Message, Isaiah shares with Israel and us today the Hope that is found only in the Promised Messiah who came in the most unexpected way . . . a baby. Though Israel desired to have their oppressive circumstances changed, God wanted Relationship above all and sent His Son as the ultimate gift of hope to restore Israel and redeem the world.

Ep2. Power of Hope with Jenny Simmons

Brandee Nielsen + Jenny Simmons

This show's coffee talk topic covers The Power of Hope for Christians, a message for single sisters (and brothers) an interview with Jenny Simmons, former lead singer of Addison Road about her book, Made Well. Featured Song: Hope Now by Addison Road Theme Song: Jesus Kind of Love by Nate Jackson

Hope for Dry Bones

Justin Carter

Sin will leave us spiritually dry, and it may seem like there is no hope in those circumstances. However, Ezekiel 37 speaks of the hope God has for what would seem like a valley of dry bones. Join us as Pastor Justin preaches on Proverbs 6.

Easter: Hope on Hold

Jeff Harrington

Long ago there were three days that changed the world. We are most familiar with the Friday of the Crucifixion and the Sunday of the Resurrection. But what was the feeling on Saturday - the Day in the Tomb? How often, if ever, do we think about the pain and confusion of that day...when it seemed all the hope place in Jesus lay buried with Him in that tomb. Those who experienced these events firsthand thought that everything was now hopeless...little did they realize their hope was merely on hold.

Ruth - Hope in Hard Times

Landon Henry

Hope in Hard Times

The Door of Hope

Pastor Steve W. Smith

A message from John 19 on the burial of Jesus and the hope that we have in Him.

Hope: The Atmosphere for Generations!

Pastor Paul McCulloch

Romans 4:16-18;2 Peter 2:7 Bible Hope produces Legacy! Bible Hope-joyful anticipation of an expected end that's always good!


Derrick Gardner

Pastor talks about Ruth's determination to keep Hope in a Hopeless situation

Hope 2 Liberia

Randy Tempest

A Greater Hope

Jeremy Atwood

This is the first sermon in the series "A Greater Hope" This sermons walks through the first twelve verses of 1 Peter 1. Next Week: A Greater Obedience 1 Peter 1:13-2:12


Pastor Paul McCulloch

Ezekiel 33:10-17 "What is your HOPE anchored to?"

The Hope of The World

Pastor Shawn Knight

Hope is Like Helium

Steve Lacy

Guest Speaker Steve Lacy

GOLDen Life - Day 40 HOPE (Hold On Pain Ends)

GOLDen Life - Day 40 HOPE (Hold On Pain Ends)

Hope for the Troubled Soul

Pastor Colton Price

Psalm 42.The Psalmist shows us how to fight for Hope when spiritual depression clouds our soul.

Anxiety, Depression and Hope.

David and Lis MacGregor share a message together called "Anxiety, Depression and Hope" at our Grace Vineyard Beach Campus.


Pastor Randy Stephen