no-time-to-quitNo Time to Quit

No Time to Quit

our-conditionOur Condition

Our Condition

back-from-backslidingBack From Backsliding

Back From Backsliding

your-whole-heartYour Whole Heart

Your Whole Heart







the-confidence-to-stand-as-a-person-of-faithThe Confidence to Stand as a Person of Faith

The Confidence to Stand as a P...

unchanging-certaintiesUnchanging Certainties

Unchanging Certainties

untitled-recording-jun-27-229pm170625 First Things First

170625 First Things First

jun-27-205pm Jun 27 2:05pm

Jun 27 2:05pm

revelation-12-2Revelation 12-2. (예수님을 대적하는 사람들)

Revelation 12-2. (예수님을 대적하는 사람...

decidir-a-quien-servirDecidir a quien servir

Decidir a quien servir

before-all-hell-breaks-loose-part-4Before All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 4

Before All Hell Breaks Loose:...

untitled-recording-jun-27-1226pmUntitled Recording Jun 27 12:26pm

Untitled Recording Jun 27 12:2...

june-25-2017-worship-hope-is-risky-businessJune 25 2017 Worship: Hope Is Risky Business

June 25 2017 Worship: Hope Is...

before-all-hell-breaks-loose-part-4Before All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 4

Before All Hell Breaks Loose:...

love-better-than-lifeLove Better Than Life

Love Better Than Life

speak-upSpeak Up

Speak Up

the-fathers-arms-are-open-wideThe Father's Arms Are Open Wide

The Father's Arms Are Open Wid...

entrepreneurial-leadershipEntrepreneurial Leadership

Entrepreneurial Leadership

ephesians-4-verse-17Ephesians 4 verse 17

Ephesians 4 verse 17

do-you-see-what-i-seeDo you See What I See?

Do you See What I See?

the-third-sunday-after-pentecostThe Third Sunday after Pentecost

The Third Sunday after Penteco...

radio-program-for-tuesday-june-27-2017Radio program for Tuesday June 27, 2017

Radio program for Tuesday June...

darrin-longmire-6-27-17Darrin Longmire 6-27-17

Darrin Longmire 6-27-17

untitled-recording-jun-27-1228amThe Curse Behind Cursing

The Curse Behind Cursing

leadership-series-part-3Leadership Series part 3

Leadership Series part 3

road-to-emmaus-sermon-luke-24Road to Emmaus Sermon - Luke 24

Road to Emmaus Sermon - Luke 2...

joshua-the-man-who-walked-by-faith-joshua-18Joshua, The Man Who Walked By Faith, Joshua 1:8

Joshua, The Man Who Walked By...

dab-june-27-2017-1DAB June 27 - 2017

DAB June 27 - 2017

the-number-of-our-daysThe Number Of Our Days

The Number Of Our Days

sermon-6-25-17Sermon 6-25-17

Sermon 6-25-17

gaining-victoryGaining Victory

Gaining Victory

jesus-much-more-june-25th-2017Jesus: Much More- June 25th, 2017

Jesus: Much More- June 25th, 2...

a-model-of-genuine-repentance-psalm-51A Model of Genuine Repentance - Psalm 51

A Model of Genuine Repentance...

radio-program-for-monday-june-26-2017Radio program for Monday June 26, 2017

Radio program for Monday June...


"The Lord's Mercy For Guilty S...

holy-hearts-sound-judgment-ihmHoly Hearts & Sound Judgment (IHM)

Holy Hearts & Sound Judgment (...

holy-hearts-sound-judgment-holy-familyHoly Hearts & Sound Judgment (Holy Family)

Holy Hearts & Sound Judgment (...

sunday-worship-june-25-2017Sunday Worship, June 25, 2017

Sunday Worship, June 25, 2017

sermon-25th-june-2017Sermon 25th June 2017

Sermon 25th June 2017

following-the-arrowsFollowing The Arrows

Following The Arrows

gods-two-sheepdogsGod's Two Sheepdogs

God's Two Sheepdogs

a-fathers-heartA Father's Heart

A Father's Heart

make-every-effort-part-4-2-peter-13-11Make Every Effort - Part 4 (2 Peter 1:3-11)

Make Every Effort - Part 4 (2...

sg-who-are-you-chosen-in-christSG WHO ARE YOU?

SG WHO ARE YOU? "Chosen In Ch...

attitude-determines-successAttitude Determines Success

Attitude Determines Success

the-patriarchs-abram-an-introThe Patriarchs-Abram an Intro

The Patriarchs-Abram an Intro

dab-june-26-2017-1DAB June 26 - 2017

DAB June 26 - 2017

toughen-up-buttercupToughen Up Buttercup

Toughen Up Buttercup

20170625pm-five-qualities-of-a-growing-church20170625PM Five Qualities of a Growing Church

20170625PM Five Qualities of a...

25-06-2017-culto-dominical-pr-roger-johansen-hebreus-1225-06-2017 - Culto Dominical - Pr. Roger Johansen - Hebreus 12

25-06-2017 - Culto Dominical -...

being-sanctified-bro-jason-ottosenBeing Sanctified - Bro Jason Ottosen

Being Sanctified - Bro Jason O...

crouching-at-the-doorCrouching at the Door

Crouching at the Door


"From Shipwrecked To Revival"...

making-decisions-by-the-book-principle-of-first-and-bestMaking Decisions by the Book Principle of First and Best

Making Decisions by the Book P...

stay-passionate-be-godly-obnociousStay Passionate- Be Godly Obnocious

Stay Passionate- Be Godly Obno...

reconexion-bajo-voltajeReconexión: Bajo Voltaje

Reconexión: Bajo Voltaje

power-belongs-to-godPower Belongs to God

Power Belongs to God

unlikely-superheroes-gideon-judges-6Unlikely Superheroes - Gideon (Judges 6)

Unlikely Superheroes - Gideon...

what-more-could-have-been-doneWhat More Could Have Been Done

What More Could Have Been Done

the-simplicity-of-faith-bedeThe Simplicity of Faith (Bede)

The Simplicity of Faith (Bede)

covenant-advanceCovenant Advance

Covenant Advance

be-not-afraid-only-believe-pastor-chad-braleyBe Not Afraid, Only Believe - Pastor Chad Braley

Be Not Afraid, Only Believe -...

you-asked-for-it-overcoming-temptationYou Asked For It (Overcoming Temptation)

You Asked For It (Overcoming T...

focus-beyond-the-mundane-62517-426-pmFocus Beyond the Mundane - 6:25:17, 4.26 PM

Focus Beyond the Mundane - 6:2...

jun-25-2017-sermon-is-this-a-great-time-or-whatJun 25, 2017 Sermon:

Jun 25, 2017 Sermon: "Is This...

dont-let-your-shortcomings-keep-you-from-godDon't let your shortcomings keep you from God

Don't let your shortcomings ke...

forrest-gump-do-the-best-with-what-god-gave-youForrest Gump: Do the Best with What God Gave You

Forrest Gump: Do the Best with...

special-guest-caleb-denoSpecial Guest: Caleb Deno

Special Guest: Caleb Deno

john-213-25John 2:13-25

John 2:13-25

june-25-2017June 25, 2017

June 25, 2017



psalm-119-purity-devotion-delightPsalm 119- Purity. Devotion. Delight

Psalm 119- Purity. Devotion. D...

mark-938-50-stay-saltyMark 9:38-50 (Stay Salty)

Mark 9:38-50 (Stay Salty)

6252017-sermon6.25.2017 Sermon

6.25.2017 Sermon

whats-in-your-hand-colossians-28-10What's In Your Hand, Colossians 2:8-10

What's In Your Hand, Colossian...

the-delight-of-the-righteous-psalm-1The Delight of the Righteous Psalm 1

The Delight of the Righteous P...

when-god-does-something-new-for-youWhen God Does Something New for You

When God Does Something New fo...

choose-wise-examplesChoose Wise Examples

Choose Wise Examples



morning-worship-sermon-june-25-2017Morning Worship Sermon June 25 2017

Morning Worship Sermon June 25...

heaven-hellHeaven & Hell

Heaven & Hell

untitled-recording-jun-25-1232pmUntitled Recording Jun 25 12:32pm

Untitled Recording Jun 25 12:3...

fathers-day-2017Fathers Day 2017

Fathers Day 2017

6-25-17-jodie-dunn6-25-17 Jodie Dunn

6-25-17 Jodie Dunn

creating-promise-out-of-painCreating  Promise Out of Pain

Creating Promise Out of Pain

compassion-axton-62517Compassion Axton 6/25/17

Compassion Axton 6/25/17

steve-alexander-2017-6-25Steve Alexander 2017-6-25

Steve Alexander 2017-6-25

do-you-see-what-i-seeDo You See What I See

Do You See What I See

making-it-through-midnightMaking it Through Midnight

Making it Through Midnight

the-mission-team-shares-their-storyThe Mission Team Shares Their Story

The Mission Team Shares Their...

distinct-and-discernibleDistinct and Discernible

Distinct and Discernible

crying-in-the-wildernessCrying in the Wilderness

Crying in the Wilderness

your-miracle-is-hereYour Miracle Is Here

Your Miracle Is Here

summer-lift-sunday-church-be-realSummer Lift Sunday- Church Be Real!

Summer Lift Sunday- Church Be...

guest-speaker-daniel-banisterGuest Speaker - Daniel Banister

Guest Speaker - Daniel Baniste...

raising-godly-childrenRaising Godly Children

Raising Godly Children

do-not-get-lost-in-gehennaDo Not Get Lost in Gehenna

Do Not Get Lost in Gehenna

christian-loveChristian Love

Christian Love

guest-speaker-christine-caineGuest Speaker Christine Caine

Guest Speaker Christine Caine