583-the-cup-of-salvation-psalm-11610-14#583, The Cup of Salvation, Psalm 116.10-14

#583, The Cup of Salvation, Ps...

the-kingdom-of-god-is-hereThe Kingdom of God is here

The Kingdom of God is here

the-gifts-of-the-spirit-part-2The Gifts of the Spirit - Part 2

The Gifts of the Spirit - Part...

the-cruel-burden-of-guiltThe Cruel Burden of Guilt

The Cruel Burden of Guilt

love-song-20-part-1-faithful-attractionLove Song 2.0: Part 1 - Faithful Attraction

Love Song 2.0: Part 1 - Faithf...

not-a-fan-part-3-i-will-makeNot a Fan: Part 3 - I Will Make

Not a Fan: Part 3 - I Will Mak...

cbc-evening-wednesday-serviceCBC evening Wednesday Service

CBC evening Wednesday Service

not-a-fan-part-4-fishers-of-menNot a Fan: Part 4 - Fishers of Men

Not a Fan: Part 4 - Fishers of...

not-a-fan-part-1-fan-or-followerNot a Fan: Part 1 - Fan or Follower?

Not a Fan: Part 1 - Fan or Fol...

love-song-20-part-2-lets-get-ready-to-rumbleLove Song 2.0: Part 2 - Let's Get Ready To Rumble

Love Song 2.0: Part 2 - Let's...

not-a-fan-part-2-who-and-what-are-fansNot a Fan: Part 2 - Who and What are Fans?

Not a Fan: Part 2 - Who and Wh...

draw-nearDraw Near

Draw Near

dab-june-20-2019DAB June 20 - 2019

DAB June 20 - 2019

dab-june-20-2019-2DAB June 20 - 2019

DAB June 20 - 2019

when-jesus-brings-the-messageWhen Jesus Brings the Message

When Jesus Brings the Message

the-church-of-ephesusThe Church of Ephesus

The Church of Ephesus

sauls-begining-bro-ed-vincent-jrSaul's Begining - Bro. Ed Vincent Jr.

Saul's Begining - Bro. Ed Vinc...

lost-in-the-houselost in the house

lost in the house

old-time-preachers-judgementold time preachers (Judgement)

old time preachers (Judgement)

in-prisonIn Prison

In Prison

i-thessalonians-49-18I Thessalonians 4:9-18

I Thessalonians 4:9-18

winning-while-i-sleepWinning While I Sleep

Winning While I Sleep

prepping-for-the-painPrepping For The Pain

Prepping For The Pain

episode-25-interview-with-aaron-edens-bivocational-ministryEpisode 25

Episode 25 "Interview with Aar...

standing-tallStanding Tall

Standing Tall

stand-in-living-colossians-3-1-12Stand in living - Colossians 3: 1 - 12

Stand in living - Colossians 3...

582-characterized-by-righteousness-deuteronomy-24610-13#582, Characterized by righteousness, Deuteronomy 24.6,10-13

#582, Characterized by righteo...

el-milenioEl milenio

El milenio

it-is-shaking-my-faithIT IS SHAKING MY FAITH


agreeing-with-heavenAgreeing With Heaven

Agreeing With Heaven

dab-june-19-2019-1DAB June 19 - 2019

DAB June 19 - 2019

fruto-en-diosFruto en Dios

Fruto en Dios

the-hand-of-the-lord-is-upon-me-part-2The Hand of the Lord is Upon Me, part 2

The Hand of the Lord is Upon M...

the-pathway-to-hopethe pathway to hope

the pathway to hope

predica-aunque-no-lo-vez-lo-veras-genesis-1213Predica: Aunque no lo vez, Lo veras Genesis 12:1~3

Predica: Aunque no lo vez, Lo...

10-shifting-trends-in-the-church-of-tomorrow-episode-210 Shifting Trends in the Church of Tomorrow - Episode 2

10 Shifting Trends in the Chur...

lessons-from-adamLessons from Adam

Lessons from Adam

a-good-fatherA Good Father

A Good Father

empowered-by-the-spirit-6-9-19Empowered By the Spirit (6-9-19)

Empowered By the Spirit (6-9-1...

deep-in-our-devotionDeep in our devotion

Deep in our devotion

committed-to-serveCommitted To Serve

Committed To Serve

model-to-be-modeledModel to be Modeled

Model to be Modeled

in-a-bad-place-jeremiah-295-7In A Bad Place (Jeremiah 29:5-7)

In A Bad Place (Jeremiah 29:5-...

authentic-manhoodAuthentic Manhood

Authentic Manhood

worship-service-06162019Worship Service 06.16.2019

Worship Service 06.16.2019

the-glory-of-the-lord-has-departed-part-2-with-pat-jonesThe Glory of the Lord Has Departed - Part 2 with Pat Jones

The Glory of the Lord Has Depa...

581-a-balanced-community-deuteronomy-2324-25#581, A Balanced Community, Deuteronomy 23.24-25

#581, A Balanced Community, De...

how-christians-blew-our-credibility-and-how-we-get-it-back-the-way-back-part-4How Christians blew our credibility and how we get it back – The Way Back, Part 4

How Christians blew our credib...

christ-in-you-the-hope-of-gloryChrist In You the Hope of Glory

Christ In You the Hope of Glor...

dab-june-18-2019DAB June 18 - 2019

DAB June 18 - 2019

dab-june-18-2019-2DAB June 18 - 2019

DAB June 18 - 2019

leadership-session-1Leadership Session 1

Leadership Session 1

mourning-the-ability-to-stand-the-painMourning-The ability to stand the

Mourning-The ability to stand...

avanzando-en-bendicion-junio-16-2019-renewed-glory-churchAvanzando en bendicion, Junio 16 2019, Renewed Glory Church

Avanzando en bendicion, Junio...

listra-y-derbeListra Y Derbe

Listra Y Derbe

7-things-a-godly-father-does7 Things a Godly Father Does

7 Things a Godly Father Does

what-does-god-say-about-responsibility-1-timothy-611-16What Does God Say About Responsibility (1 Timothy 6:11-16)

What Does God Say About Respon...

theres-no-husk-at-the-fathers-tableTheres No Husk at the Father's Table

Theres No Husk at the Father's...

in-the-name-of-jesusIn the Name of Jesus

In the Name of Jesus

strong-manStrong Man

Strong Man



gen-25Gen 25

Gen 25

running-in-the-dark-6-16-19Running In The Dark (6-16-19)

Running In The Dark (6-16-19)

the-claim-and-the-courageThe Claim and the Courage

The Claim and the Courage

fight-for-your-faithFight for your faith

Fight for your faith

the-gift-of-the-spirit-june-16th-2019The Gift of the Spirit - June 16th, 2019

The Gift of the Spirit - June...

is-god-like-daddyIs God Like Daddy

Is God Like Daddy

june-graduationJune Graduation

June Graduation

1-tim-61 Tim 6

1 Tim 6

fervent-in-prayerFervent in prayer

Fervent in prayer

point-of-referencePoint of reference

Point of reference

raising-the-standardRaising The Standard

Raising The Standard

the-one-jesus-loves-part-21-the-good-shepherdThe One Jesus Loves, Part 21: The Good Shepherd

The One Jesus Loves, Part 21:...

plot-to-kill-a-guy-who-already-diedPlot to Kill a Guy Who Already Died

Plot to Kill a Guy Who Already...

june-16-2019June 16, 2019

June 16, 2019

psalm-133Psalm 133

Psalm 133

after-discipline-jeremiah-246-7After Discipline (Jeremiah 24:6-7)

After Discipline (Jeremiah 24:...

the-harvestThe Harvest

The Harvest


"A Father's Song"

exodus-201-3-no-other-godsExodus 20.1-3 . . . No other gods

Exodus 20.1-3 . . . No other g...

580-at-your-right-hand-psalm-1105-7#580, At your right hand, Psalm 110.5-7

#580, At your right hand, Psal...



029ss-061619-fry-the-sacrifice-which-is-pleasing-to-god029SS-061619-Fry--The Sacrifice-Which-Is-Pleasing-To-God

029SS-061619-Fry--The Sacrific...

pastor-ken-dutton-june-16-2019Pastor Ken Dutton, June 16, 2019

Pastor Ken Dutton, June 16, 20...

go-c-4-06152019152026-dn-700rGO-C-4 06152019152026_DN-700R

GO-C-4 06152019152026_DN-700R

go-c-3-06152019132026-dn-700rGO-C-3 06152019132026_DN-700R

GO-C-3 06152019132026_DN-700R

go-c-2-06152019105016-dn-700rGO-C-2 06152019105016_DN-700R

GO-C-2 06152019105016_DN-700R

turning-the-hearts-of-the-fathers-proverbs-18-malachi-4-luke-1Turning the Hearts of the Fathers (Proverbs 1:8, Malachi 4, Luke 1)

Turning the Hearts of the Fath...

go-c-1-06152019083725-dn-700rGO-C-1 06152019083725_DN-700R

GO-C-1 06152019083725_DN-700R

go-center-conferenceGO Center Conference

GO Center Conference

johns-baptism-2John's Baptism 2

John's Baptism 2

dab-june-17-2019DAB June 17 - 2019

DAB June 17 - 2019

dab-june-17-2019-2DAB June 17 - 2019

DAB June 17 - 2019

16-06-2019-culto-dominical-pr-joao-de-deus-1-timoteo-4-vs-1-a-516-06-2019 - Culto Dominical - Pr João de Deus - 1 Timóteo 4, vs 1 a 5

16-06-2019 - Culto Dominical -...

sermon-in-dads-footprintsSERMON: In Dad's Footprints

SERMON: In Dad's Footprints

trusting-the-lord-with-your-life-pastor-chad-braleyTrusting the Lord With Your Life - Pastor Chad Braley

Trusting the Lord With Your Li...

the-rich-young-rulerThe Rich Young Ruler

The Rich Young Ruler

philippians-13-11-god-at-the-centre-of-our-choicesPhilippians 1:3-11 God at the centre of our choices

Philippians 1:3-11 God at the...

in-secret-panel-city-pm-rhoda-baker-bazi-baker-sarah-jane-peez-tim-brown-charlotte-macgregorIn Secret: Panel // City PM // Rhoda Baker, Bazi Baker, Sarah-Jane Peez, Tim Brown & Charlotte MacGregor

In Secret: Panel // City PM //...

thestory-chapter-eleven-civil-warTheStory | Chapter Eleven: Civil War

TheStory | Chapter Eleven: Civ...

john-848-59-trinity-sundayJohn 8:48-59 (Trinity Sunday)

John 8:48-59 (Trinity Sunday)

luke-1941-46Luke 19:41-46

Luke 19:41-46