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When Integrity Speaks...People Listen

Pastor Ken Brown Jr

Hi, this is pastor Ken and these are my thoughts on a Thursday…When integrity speaks people listen. From the mid 1970’s and into the 1980’s there was a well-known advertisement campaign for the Wall Street brokerage firm, Hutton. Most of the commercials were set in busy places such as bars, restaurants, or concert halls. An actor playing the founder of the company, Edward Francis Hutton would lean over to say something to someone nearby. As he began to speak the entire room, noisy a second before would go quiet and everyone would lean toward him to try to hear what...

A Taxing Day

Pastor Ken Brown Jr

Hi, this is pastor Ken and these are my thoughts on a Thursday…A taxing day Today is April 15 and though due to the Covid pandemic we have for the second year in a row been given a reprieve for another month, this date has become synonymous with taxes in our country. Federal taxes have been due on this date since 1955. Prior to that it had been one month earlier on March 15th going all the way back to 1918, but for better than a half-century now April 15th has been known as a very taxing day. I don’t...

Living with Integrity

Chris Haralson

Living the good life with integrity involves being true to yourself, treating others with respect, and consistently making choices that align with your values and principles. On today's podcast, Pastor Chris walks us through Stephen, an example of integrity towards God that will inspire us to remain faithful, even in the face of opposition or persecution.

Walking With Integrity

Dr. Danny V. Ray

Encouragement For Today Rays Of Hope ✝️ Walking With Integrity

Building Integrity in God's House

Pastor Ray Richards

Building Integrity in God's House

Living from Integrity

Ps Ray Richards

A Person of Integrity

Rev. Gary L. Moore

A life of integrity comes from a series of choices to do right because it is right. Your situation or circumstance should not determine your behavior, but God’s commands should. Today, no matter what others say or who is watching, choose to obey God. Know that even if man isn’t watching, God is.

The collapsing narrative of the Economy, Ukraine, and Integrity.

Bob Biermann

To believe the world economy is going great and everyone is doing financially well is one of the greatest news cycle “spins” we have seen in our nation’s history. Every warning sign of an imminent collapse, unsustainable debt, and economic disaster looms on the horizon. The quick victory we were told would happen in Ukraine never materialized, and even the mainstream news media is beginning a narrative shift to a brokered peace. Our justice systems in the West have lost integrity, honesty, and decency and now are nothing but political weapons against freedom-loving people across the globe. Today, Bob shares...

Truth Tidbits - Ep 45 - Integrity and The Wall

Rev. Kay Mortimer

Today, we examine the vital significance of integrity for every Christian drawing from Isaiah and from Paul's words to the Ephesians. www.covenanttruthministries.com

Temptation, Integrity & the Unknown

Pastor Charles Barksdale

In "Temptation, Integrity & the Unknown" Pastor Charles Barksdale take a deeper contextual analysis of this text we call James 1:14, Christian Standard Bible. Furthermore, he illustrates believers who trust God, should also seek wisdom from God above—and not from ungodly sources.

Not So Daily Devotional: Integrity (Bro. Dallas Hertzler)

Bro. Dallas Hertzler

On this episode of Not So Daily Devotionals we discuss the topic of integrity with Bro. Dallas Hertzler, a Pastoral Ministry major at Heritage Bible College. We hope this conversation encourages you!

How much is your integrity worth?

Bob Biermann & Jim Calhoun

This week the process of politics revealed its ugly self and what the price of a person’s integrity actually is. In the case of West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, it appears to be 6 billion dollars for a pipeline for his vote on the phony 700 billion dollars “inflation Reduction Act of 2022.” Manchin, who describes himself as a centrist democrat and is “for the little people,” lives on a $700,000 yacht on the Potomac in Washington, DC. Manchin is the poster child for the rot and corruption in the congress and senate in Washington DC. Also on the program,...

My Footprint of Courage

Dave Smith

Whether you are talking about tracks in the snow or steps in the sand, the footprints that are left behind are obvious. Following them is not difficult, it is simply a choice to do so. ------------- The players in the Christmas story leave indelible footprints of godly character for us to follow. During the month of December, we will look at each of these individuals and highlight the spiritual values that personify their lives. Join us this month for the brief series, "The Footprints of Christmas." ------------- This week, we look at the quality of courage as seen in the...


Pst. Femi Mike Alabi

Listen to today's episode of FROM THE ALTAR - Daily Devotional "INTEGRITY" with Pst. Femi Mike Alabi. You can listen online or download to your device. Success is your today ...GOD’s Word to lift you up.

Structural Integrity

Pastor Cheryl Jackson

Are we structurally sound? Article on Structural Integrity https://www.cuttingtechnologies.com/structural-integrity/ Scripture for thought Luke 6:46–49 (48-49) He is like a man which built an house, and digged deep, and laid the foundation on a rock: and when the flood arose, the stream beat vehemently upon that house, and could not shake it: for it was founded upon a rock… Firm Foundation 1 Timothy 6:18-20 2 Timothy 2:19 1 Peter 5:10

20191110AM David: Integrity

Bro. Fred Shackelford

Integrity & Excellence

Apostle Barbara Alexander

Living A Life of Integrity

Rev. Gary L. Moore

20190707PM Integrity

Bro. Fred Shackelford

Words on Honesty and Integrity

Kevin Roach

James 5:12