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The Spirit of freedom VI - Peace

Bishop Ronald K. Powell

What is Peace? What Peace is not!, How to obtain peace, being ruled by peace... these are but a few of the gems you will find in this timely message preached at Crosswinds international by Bishop Ronald K. Powell. Take a few minutes and let the Word of God Change you.

A Journey of Peace

Frank Foreman

As we continue to follow the star toward Christmas, it leads us today to focus on a journey of peace . Peace in the midst of the world's chaos and difficulty can only be found in the person of Jesus Christ.

Peace Be Still

Landon Henry

Spiritual Warfare Part 4 "Boots of Peace" (Ephesians 6:15)

Jeff Brower

If there really is a spiritual battle in our world (which there is) what do you think one of the main things the enemy would love to take from us is? I would suggest that what he wants is our peace. He will shoot his arrows of doubt, fear, worry, depression and anxiety in order to get to us, but if we have peace as an armor, those things will not be able to penetrate. Join us as we talk about three important aspects of peace: Horizontal peace, vertical peace, and inner peace.

Peace Makers

Pastor Joshua Lim

When it comes to sharing life together in the church, conflict is not a question of “if” but of “when”. But how are we to resolve conflict? Instead of faking peace or breaking peace, we are called to move towards making peace. And here, Paul gives us five steps of peace making: commence with adoration, check your attitude, combat your anxiety, center your attention, and commit to action. As those who have received peace from Christ, we are called to make peace with other Christians.


Pastor Louis Boucher

In this message Pastor Louis shares how Jesus is the Prince of Peace that came down from heaven on Christmas Day. Everyone wants peace! Peace of mind and to see peace all around them. Well a true believer in Jesus Christ can find peace of mind if they learn how to apply the Word of God in their walk of faith. Pastor Louis will show you how!

THE TRELLIS - How to know deep peace and deep purpose in your life - John 15:1-11

Langdon Palmer

Behind all our striving and fantasies, what most of us want is deep peace and deep purpose. We look at the famous scripture where Jesus says I am the vine and you are the branches to discover where deep peace and deep purpose can be found and the Trellis God provides us to stretch and train us so that we can produce the harvest he wants in our lives.

Perfect Peace

Pastor Garry Adkins

The Bible talks about "Perfect Peace" and how it is obtained through Jesus Christ. The Bible refers to the Peace from God, Peace with God, and the Peace of God. Explore the differences of each with Pastor Garry in this passionate sermon.

Kingdom Living - Those Who Make Peace

Chris Sheppard

God blesses those who are peacemakers. They are at peace with God through the new birth. By sharing the gospel, they seek to bring others to peace with God. Using God's Word the standard they seek to bring peace in any circumstance in life.

Peace with God

Justin Carter

Join us at Bellview as we examine II Corinthians 5 and look at what it means to promote peace in our lives. Before we can have peace with others, we need to have peace with God.